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e ●the sacred writings and books of ritual then in● use, in which textual errors were to be fo▓und, replaced by texts carefully revise▓d according to the originals.The ▓clergy, however, clinging to t●he old rou

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tine, opposed this.Wh▓en the great council of May 13, 1667, decla●red itself in favor of Nikon's● proposed reform, the division became comple●te.From that time forward the opp●osition of Old Believers (Starovertz▓y) became the heart of all popular move●ments against the imperial power.My h●ost represented a



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?they represent the [Pg 248]o▓pposition of the simple paganism● of the people to the complicated casu▓istry of the Byzantine Church.Until th▓e fourteenth century, he thinks, ●the church tried to keep with● the sectarians, and suffered the processi▓on to go according to the old pagan usage●, with the sun instead of against it.Sin●ce the fourteenth century, ho▓wever, the church has identified itself with ▓the power of the



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state.From this t●ime dates the hostility of the sects to the gove●rnment.Nevertheless, until t▓he seventeenth

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century, local gods were tolerate●d as patron saints.But when Bishop Mascari●us issued a list of the saints recog▓nized by the state, the qua

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rrel with sects▓ which clung to their own saints was made et▓ernal.Since that time the sectarian●s have not troubled themse



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